Thursday, May 14, 2015

Record Breaking Attendance!

For the last week at Laguna Middle School, San Luis Obispo a huge fever/cold bug has been going around. Each day sending almost 20 kids home a day! School attendance secretary Julie Mattson comments "This is a record breaking number of absences in the last eight years." Almost 200 kids absent just from fever or cold on May 6, 2015, equaling about 20% of the kids not at school! Sick kids are popping up left and right, and of course it just so happens to start right during the testing month, causing students to miss tests and having to schedule makeups during another class! Is this outbreak hurting the kids test results? or even effecting their education? How much longer will these cases go on? 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Disneyland Measles Outbreak!

At Disneyland, an outbreak of measles that began before Christmas disrupts lives in 6 states including Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, and across the border to Mexico.Seventy people have been diagnosed with measles, and hundreds more have been exposed at schools, doctor's offices, hospitals, shopping malls and other places visited by infected victim

Just like in previous measles outbreaks, schools and hospitals are key locations for the spreading of this viral and highly contagious, disease.  "Measles poses a real risk at hospitals, because so many of the patients are critically ill", says Carol Baker, Executive Director for the Vaccines Awareness and Research at Texas Children's Hospital. A sick person who left a room 2 hours after going in can affect another person still in that room, Measles linger in the air they don't just get passed on by a cough or a handshake. 

In 2000 the US thought the disease had been eradicated because it didn't spread around routinely such as the flu or the cold. Occasionally there would be a few cases a year from infected patients diagnosed while traveling. But now the disease has made a comeback, huge outbreaks across the country and around the world. Unvaccinated children are in


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cheap Toys!

Parents, teachers, staff, and students of Laguna Middle School in San Luis Obispo all pitched in to donate gifts and work for the holiday store on December 6, 2014. Because of the reduced price on everything, it was a big treat for kids and parents who could not normally afford some of the items in it. 

If you can't afford Christmas gifts for your kids or for yourself then this would have been the perfect opportunity! Items normally 20 dollars like stuffed animals were 1 dollar making them more affordable for all kinds of people during this holiday season. Rainey Wells, a member of leadership, commented " You should have come to the holiday store! It was inspiring! It was so joyful and the happiness of Christmas was in the air!"

The weekend's holiday store helped local families enormously. Parents every year stress about getting the right presents their kids want but also not spending money they don't have to spend, or just too much money in general. This great act of kindness will not go unnoticed, we hope it will continue on as a tradition throughout the years.

Unfortunate Attack!

On a 60 degree day; December 28, 2014 Surfing 120 yards from the shore at Sand Spit, Montano De Oro, 50 year old Kevin Swanson was struck with a fatal attack from a Great White Shark! At "9-10 feet" the shark bit into Kevin gripping his thigh and surfboard and ferociously pulling him under. “I was sitting upright, straddling my surfboard, when struck by the shark. The shark came out of the water and bit into my thigh, I was immediately pulled below the surface. Andrew(Kevin's friend) said it was like I suddenly disappeared without a trace. I saw the shark attached to my leg while below the surface. I was released and exploded back to the surface like a cork. Andrew said I surfaced about 20 feet from where I had been pulled under. The attack was quick and violent. Not sure, but milliseconds before the shark attacked I felt a tremendous amount of non physical energy." Kevin Swanson said. In fear of the shark coming back he yelled "SHARK!" and quickly paddled to the shore where he was airlifted to sierra vista hospital. His wounds were sutured in a two hour operation, Kevin Swanson was released the following day and interviewed when he said he would be back out in the ocean as soon as he can. He would never stop doing the thing he loves :) 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Amazing Young Boy!

Hello Readers, 

Today at 4:05 I witnessed a post on Mrs. Schwoerer's Laguna Middle School Library website; a fun and entertaining YouTube video. I wanted to share with you all the joy in this boy's tone when he tells us all the things we should say more often! It is VERY adorable.

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