Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cheap Toys!

Parents, teachers, staff, and students of Laguna Middle School in San Luis Obispo all pitched in to donate gifts and work for the holiday store on December 6, 2014. Because of the reduced price on everything, it was a big treat for kids and parents who could not normally afford some of the items in it. 

If you can't afford Christmas gifts for your kids or for yourself then this would have been the perfect opportunity! Items normally 20 dollars like stuffed animals were 1 dollar making them more affordable for all kinds of people during this holiday season. Rainey Wells, a member of leadership, commented " You should have come to the holiday store! It was inspiring! It was so joyful and the happiness of Christmas was in the air!"

The weekend's holiday store helped local families enormously. Parents every year stress about getting the right presents their kids want but also not spending money they don't have to spend, or just too much money in general. This great act of kindness will not go unnoticed, we hope it will continue on as a tradition throughout the years.

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